About the Womacks

We are Jonathan and Rachel Womack.  We've been married for 7 1/2 years (it will be 8 on June 2nd!).  Jonathan is currently completing medical school and will be applying for residency in the very near future.  I (Rachel) am a teacher by trade.  I began my career teaching middle school band, then I  taught kindergarten in the Caribbean while Jonathan finished his basic sciences, and now I'm a happy housewife in South Florida while Jonathan is working through his medical clerkship.

This blog is a "partner" to my blog Caribbean Daydreaming where I talk about our experiences living in the Caribbean, Jonathan's medical school journey, and just life in general.  Lately I've found myself more and more wanting to write about our journey through infertility and so I decided a separate blog would be best.  I really do want to keep my Caribbean Daydreaming blog like it is...not change it into our baby hopes blog.  But recently I've been highly inspired by a few women both in my life currently and on the web.  Some credit is due to NicoleSarah, and Jessica here, because their boldness in sharing their stories has inspired me to share ours.  And it does take boldness to share this stuff.  To open yourself up to questions and even negativity.  But if my story can inspire even one other woman, one other couple, to be bold in sharing their story, I've succeeded.  Infertility shouldn't be a silent struggle, but sadly many times it is.

I hope my story inspires you.  I hope you will follow along as Jonathan and I set out "Thinking Positive" with our hands and hearts wrapped tightly around the hope that our hearts' desire will become a reality soon.  However God chooses to work His miracles...

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