Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The World Needs You Right Now, My Love...

Off I head to baby showers!!  I still can’t believe it’s already that time.  I am writing this blog while I sit on the last airplane ride I’ll be taking before my son arrives.  Lesson learned, though.  I brought one of those flip top water bottles with me this trip (trying to stay hydrated and stave off the nausea that usually happens on plane rides during this pregnancy) and once we had reached our cruising altitude I flipped open the top and my water came spraying out like Old Faithful.  ALL OVER ME!  The window was dripping, I was dripping.  Ugh!  I had put a pair of PJ pants in my carry on at the last minute and thank goodness for them.  They served as the perfect mop.  Sadly, though, I am now covered in water and my top and pants are soaked.  From now on, I’ll know to relieve the pressure in the bottle before I open it…sheesh!

On a different note, I was inspired to write this post today by a comment a friend of mine made on a Facebook status of mine.  Just yesterday one my “IVF sisters” gave birth to her sweet baby girl!  What a miracle and what a sweet reminder of God’s intentions to complete what He starts in us.  She named her Rachel Elizabeth…which is my given name too!  She did not name her after me, but it was an incredible coincidence that Rachel Elizabeth was the name she and her husband had picked out years ago.  Long before she met me, long before she began her road of infertility.  How incredible is it that God sent her that name??  The name of two women in the Bible who struggled with infertility and whom God VERY graciously blessed with babies who were pivotal in His ultimate plan.  And then along I came and our friendship grew quickly into one of encouragement and faith.  Her journey was my inspiration to keep pushing through my own IVF journey and her constant encouraging words were like literal pillars of strength for me at times.  Yesterday her dream became a reality, and I am blessed to share her sweet daughter’s name.  God is just so incredible…isn’t He??

My status yesterday said this:

Over the moon excited for my sweet friend who will be welcoming her sweet baby into the world today!!  Seems like yesterday that the two of us were spurring each other on in faith with hopes that one day we would be celebrating together the arrival of both a Blankenship baby and a Womack baby.  God is SO good!!

Her response was:
It is so special and God is so good!  The world needs Rachel Blankenship and Greysen Womack at this very time…

And this is one of those moments when I realize how small I am in comparison to God’s ultimate purpose for His world and His people.  How humbled I am when I consider the fact that He has entrusted ME with carrying and raising one of His people who will be a part of His purpose.  For how many years did I cry because I just didn’t get it?  I didn’t understand why the heck He wouldn’t allow me to get pregnant.  I thought He didn’t think I would be a good enough mother.  I had decided He just didn’t want Jonathan and I to be parents.  When all along, He saw the whole picture.  He knew my Greysen had a purpose in His plan.  If his arrival had been sooner than now, it just would not have been right.  He needs Greysen now.  Right now.  It’s exciting and daunting to consider what it is that God has in store for my sweet baby.  It’s gotta be something big though.  The best things in life are worth waiting for, and when God makes you wait for something…you just have to believe it’s for an incredible purpose.  That purpose, however, is bigger than me.  I get the fringe benefits of the miracle of pregnancy.  I get the perks of getting to carry a baby in my womb.  But more importantly I get to sit back and marvel at what God has in store for Greysen’s life.  I get to be a spectator in the marvelous plan God has for him and I get to be a part of his journey. 

When I really let it sink in that God has incredible plans for Greysen, I get goose bumps.  I am a part of God’s ultimate plan for Greysen.  God is trusting me to carry him in my womb and create the perfect environment for him to grow and develop.  He is trusting me to make the right parenting decisions that will ultimately lead Greysen to a saving knowledge of who God is.  I have been given a big task in God’s master plan.  Whose lives will Greysen touch?  Who will know Jesus Christ because of my sweet boy?  What marvelous things will this world experience because my handsome Greysen trusts God enough to follow His plan?  The prospects are deliriously exciting…

So yes…the world needs Rachel Blankenship and Greysen Womack right now.  God has a plan, a purpose, a goal in mind that is so much bigger than just one of us.  The road I have walked to get here has been a tough one, yes, but it has not been in vain.  It has been for ultimately a Heavenly purpose, and I can’t help but praise my God for deeming me worthy enough to have this much of a part in His plan.  God is good ALL the time…even when we have no idea why He is doing what He is doing…

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  1. This is such a beautiful post. God is so good and I love how He was working in both our lives even when we couldn't see it. I am so thankful and blessed that He brought you into my life, and I can't tell you how much your encouragement meant to me as well. God knew what we needed, when we needed it. I can't wait until you get to hold your sweet miracle! He is always good and always faithful! Love you!