Thursday, September 13, 2018

Embrace the Chaos!

This week I've already begun feeling movement from our little miracles!  This being my second pregnancy, I now know what those first little baby flutters feel like.  But with two angels swimming around in there, their movements have been unmistakeable WAY earlier than I thought they would be.  They are no more than about an inch and a half from the top of their head to their bottoms right now (sooooo teeny!), but when I feel them move I'm reminded quickly that there are definitely TWO in there.  It's as though Baby A does some wiggling, and then Baby B wakes up and kicks back! 😂 I can feel their movements in two very different places in my lower belly...unmistakably two different babies!

The reality of the fact that they are truly two different people is slowly beginning to settle into my mind.  I panicked a little at our first ultrasound when Baby A had a heart rate of 142 and was measuring right on target, and Baby B had a heart rate of 137 and was measuring about 2 days behind.  I worried about that constantly until I saw them at 9 weeks and realized that they are two different people completely!  They won't measure the exact same, their heart rates will be different...they have different hearts!  And at 9 weeks, Baby A was wiggling up a storm...such a sassafras!  Baby B gave us a little movement and a good shot at that beautiful strong beating heart, and then rolled over away from the scan...almost as if to say "Look y'all...I'm here, I'm good, but this other baby has been kicking me all morning and I need a nap..."  Ha!  They are their own little people...unique personalities!

It's such a trip to have these little realizations through this pregnancy.  I'm certain realities like this will continue rolling in throughout the next 24-25 weeks that I'm carrying them...they'll likely continue indefinitely!  After I had Greysen I had begun making my "when I do this again I'm going to..." list.  SO funny how God has been like "Oh had no idea what I was doing then, and you can't predict it now!"  He's got such a sense of humor!  Everything about this pregnancy and these babies is unpredictable...totally unprecedented for me and for us.  A friend of mine who is a mommy of 1 year old twins herself told me this week, "The best wisdom I can give you about twins is just to roll with it.  Embrace the chaos!"  I'd say the last 12 years of our lives has fairly well prepared us to embrace chaos!!  We've been given (or will be given) all the tools we need to handle the crazy chaos that is bringing two DIFFERENT people into the world at the same exact time.  I can't wait to watch these two little ones grow and become even more unique and special...

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