Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Full Disclosure Baby Names

I have another appointment tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening I start taking my birth control in prep for our IVF!  Sheesh!  I keep telling people that we've got a good nearly 8 weeks before we start, but I am WAY off in that!  Our official "start date" is August 9th.  That's the date I start taking my ovarian stimulation shots.  That's 5 weeks from tomorrow!!  So we really are right at the starting gate folks.  In light of how crazy fast this is happening, I thought I would take a minute to put a post out there that's a little lighter and really makes me smile...

So call me crazy, but I LOVE telling people the baby names we've picked out.  I know this opens us up for a lot of criticism or cynicism or whatever, but I LOVE the names we have picked out and why they're special.  We've talked about baby names for years and have only been able to come up with one boy name that we both agree on.  But we've got 3 solid girls names.    Wonder if that's a sign??

So I'm sharing here because...well why not?  You know you wanna know anyway... ;)  But don't be "that person" that steals one of them.  I mean, I guess you could...but I'll still name mine the same thing...then we can be twinkie pies!  Or something... :)  Boo...  Likewise if you hate them...just smile and nod...

Boy Name - Greysen Neil -- Jonathan actually picked out Greysen and the spelling is his idea too.  It's original but not too out there.  And we both love the name Grey, but Grey Womack doesn't have a nice ring to it.  So Greysen Neil Womack it is!  Neil is Jonathan's middle name and it was his great grandfather's middle name too.

Girl Name #1 - Maggie Soutine - Maggie because it has always been my favorite girl's name.  And to top it off, my wedding dress was designed by Maggie Sottero.  So that made the name even more special.  Soutine (pronounced like soo-teen) is the name of the roses that were ALL over our wedding.  Here's what they look like:

Hot pink and white variegated.  Gorgeous right??  And I just love the name.  Kind of has a little "French" ring to it...

Girl Name #2 - Avie Etta - This one is also pretty darn special.  When my grandparents moved to Clanton Alabama, they started going to a church down there where they met and became friends with a couple named Miss Avie and Mr. Jack.  Avie was such a precious little old lady.  Always happy and joyful and seriously cute as a button.  I had never heard the name before, but when I was in high school and early college I filed it away in my "that would be a cute name for a baby girl" archive.  Etta is my grandmother's middle name and it was her mother's first name.  

Girl Name #3 - Lillie Mae - Lillie Mae is Jonathan's paternal grandmother's name.  Right down to the unique spelling.  Lillie has always kind of been our radar because we liked the name, but when it dawned on us that Maggie and Avie both end in "ie" and we remembered his grandmother spelled her Lillie with that "ie", it was a done deal.  And we already know it flows nicely with Womack!  My maternal great grandmother's first name was Lillian too, so the name kind of honors both Jonathan's side of the family and my side of the family.

So there you have it.  We do have a name or two that we *like* kind of hanging out in limbo.   I've always heard, and I've also seen this to be true most of the time, that if you have a hard time coming up with a boy name, you're probably in store for a girl and vice versa.  So with this list, Jonathan might be doomed to a house overflowing with estrogen!  Who knows!!

We have been trying to nail down a second boy name on the off chance that we end up with twin boys, but nothing has really stuck.  We're open to suggestions, so bring em' on!

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