Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello there, it's Jonathan...

Hey everyone, it's Jonathan. Enjoy.

A lot of people wonder what it’s like to go through IVF from the woman’s perspective. But not many people think about what we as men go through. The daily struggle, the sacrifice, the blood and sweat. It’s a serious burden we men take upon ourselves for the sake of our women. And in that spirit I’d like to share some of the experiences and yes, even feelings, I’ve had during this time. And I’d like to present it in the most profound way possible.

17 Things Everyone Should Know About the Silent Warriors of IVF (aka men)
(oh, and we’ve been watching a lot of New Girl lately…)

1) What baby making used to consist of:

2) Before IVF, my pickup lines were like:

3) And now we can’t have sex for how long?!:

4) Hearing words like “vagina” and “breast” from the doctor the first time I was like:

5) Now when I hear them I’m like:

6) Every time I try to joke with the nurses about my “collection” they’re like:

7) Trying to figure out all the dosages for all the shots and how to work the Follistim injector sometimes I feel like:

8) While Rachel is hopped up on like 82 hormones she’s like:

9) Trying to sympathize with Rachel’s roller coaster emotions I’m like:

10) Getting ready for my “collection” and trying to stay healthy I’m like:

11) Every time we see someone on Facebook complaining about her morning sickness we’re like:

12) When I realized that when we transfer two embryos we could actually end up with quadruplets I was like:

13) What I was afraid the “collection” room might be like while I made my “deposit”:

14) What our money situation would be like if it weren’t for IVF:

15) After my “collection” was a success I was like:

16) On transfer day when Rachel told me where she has to put the progesterone pill I was like:

17) But even after all these things, when we take that positive test I'll be like "BRING ON THOSE BABIES!!":

Oh, and I expect our baby shower to look exactly like that...

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