Friday, November 7, 2014

Somebody Pinch Me...

First of all...a giant THANK YOU to Elise Strickland for doing our announcement VIDEO for us.  As you can tell, we've been working on it for several months (hence the footage from Dominica!).  It really is just perfect, and it's something we will cherish for the rest of our lives.  We hope you loved it as much as we do!

That being said, we are SUPER happy to be officially announcing that WE ARE PREGNANT!!!  It's been a whirlwind few months in the Womack world.  Let me lay out how the events have unfolded:

Wednesday 9/3/2014- I wake up at 7:15 and mull over taking a pregnancy test for an hour until my friend Sara finally talked me into it.  I walked in, took the test, it was immediately negative so I tossed the test.  About 30 minutes later Jonathan got his official scores for his USMLE Step 1 (which he TOTALLY blew out of the water!!).  Right after that I went to take a shower and decided to check the test in the garbage to make sure it was negative.  Lo and behold...there in the garbage was a POSITIVE test!  I grabbed the instructions and realized I hadn't waited the prescribed 3 minutes.  It was POSITIVE!!  I didn't believe it!

Thursday 9/4/2014-We got our first blood draw to check my hCG levels.  We were looking for them to be at least about 5, but ideally somewhere between 25 and 40.  Mine were 158!

Friday 9/5/2014-Jonathan heads south to Miami to start his IMF semester.  :(

Monday 9/8/2014-I had my second hCG blood draw.  We were looking for them to be somewhere around 750 give or take.  Mine were 1100!!

Thursday 9/25/2014-Our first ultrasound was scheduled for 3:30.  It was like a party in that tiny little room, y'all.  My mom had come up to OKC for the momentous event, so in that little 12x8 room was me, her, Bernice, my friend Angela (who shot all the footage from the doctor's office visits for us!), Dr. Hansen, and an OU nurse (Connie was out and Amber and Kisha were attending other patients).  But on FaceTime was Jonathan on my phone, Sara on Bernice's phone, and my sister Amanda on my mom's phone (Angie was filming on hers).  Poor Dr. Hansen was a little stressed I think, but he was a good sport about it.  He was visibly relieved when he started the scan and 1) found only one precious little baby (he stresses about multiples in his profession...understandably so...), and 2) that it was perfectly formed, perfectly placed, and had the most perfect 158 heart beat!  It was literally the most amazing thing I've ever seen.  And I was overcome with emotions.  Hearing and seeing that tiny little heart beating...that itty bitty BABY growing inside of me brought me to tears.  The most beautiful thing I'd ever seen!  And I got the chance to tell Dr. Hansen how very grateful we are to him and for his practice and his expertise.  He had a pivotal hand in making our dreams come true.  Thank you just didn't cut it.  And even though he is not a very emotionally demonstrative man, I could tell he was doing the equivalent of jumping up and down for us.  It's not often he gets to deliver such perfect news on the first try.  He and I and Jonathan are so keenly aware of how miraculous this has all been and just how lucky we are.  My cup overflows!

So our next ultrasound was scheduled for October 8th.  I would be exactly 9 weeks along at that point.  In the meantime, I waded through (and I'm still wading through) early pregnancy.  Nausea almost every morning, but rarely throwing up (thank goodness!).  PURE EXHAUSTION (which honestly started about 3 days post Womack must have snuggled in pretty quick!).  Food aversions and cravings (I've blown through an ungodly number of pickle jars in the last 6 weeks, but even the thought of eggs makes me want to hurl).  And my boobs don't look like they belong to me anymore.  You know, they've been chomping at the bit to do this job for years...they tried to start early which is part of why I wasn't ovulating for so long.  Now that they have the go ahead they are on like donkey kong.  My bras just can't keep up!

But y'all...ultrasound #2...I just can't even describe it.  I have watched the video literally about 20 times already...

10/8/2014-I baked some salted caramel butter bars to bring up to the OU office.  I figured it was the least I could do.  They *did* help make my baby AND they essentially got me pregnant.  And of course it's no surprise that gift giving is my love language.   I was ecstatic to find out that my sweet Connie was there.  I was so excited that she was gonna get to see baby Womack in action since this was our last appointment for a good long while!  This time it was just me and Bernice and Jonathan on FaceTime.  Dr. Hansen was a lot more relaxed this time.  He started the scan and as soon as the baby was fully on the screen, you could see it wiggling and waving like CRAZY!!  And it looked like an actual baby in there!!  Moving its little hands and feet, wiggling it's little booty...oh my gosh ADORABLE!!  And the little heart was quivering away.  We took a listen and it was 176!!!!  Dr. Hansen says that's the fastest it will be in pregnancy and it will slow down to between 120 and 160 here in a few weeks.  It's little fingers and toes were already forming, and we could even see the brain and both the hemispheres already developed and getting bigger by the minute.  Just incredible y'all.  INCREDIBLE!

So there's where I leave you for now.  I'm SO excited to be back on the blog and out of radio silence.  I can't wait to update you on all things baby Womack including how my heart is overflowing with happiness.  Our little nugget is growing like a weed and May (our due date is 5/15/15) will be here before we know it!

I am SHOCKED!  This is what we've been dreaming of seeing for 5 years.  Is this real life???

Wee Wittle Baby Womack at 7 weeks 1 day!  The round part that looks like the head is actually the yolk sac.  Baby's head is up in the top part of the uterus facing the wall to the right.  It's a little hard to make out, I know, but it's still the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  And that little microscopic heart was beating up a storm!

Baby Womack at 9 weeks 4 days.  My, my, my how Mommy's little nugget has grown in just 2 weeks!  We could hardly get the little peanut to hold still long enough to get a good picture.  Baby is waving and saying "Hi Mommy, Hi Daddy!  See you in May!"

And finally our little nugget at 14 weeks 1 day.  According to my pseudo LMP I'm only 13 weeks 2 days today (11/7/2014), but Baby Womack is a good 5-7 days ahead of that date.  Baby is weighing in at around an ounce and is nearly 3 1/2 inches from crown to cute little rump!  I'm amazed every time I see this little angel on ultrasound.  Now we can start making out features and everything!  Looks pretty clear to me that Baby Womack has my Harris nose and Jonathan's jawline and lips.  I can't help but assume this is the cutest kid in the universe...

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