Saturday, March 8, 2014

He Was Just Too Perfect...

Written September 13th, 2009

He must have been too perfect,
That angel child of mine.
Before my God could grant him breath,
He called him to His side.

He surely was too gorgeous,
My darling baby boy.
Jesus needed one more soul,
To join in Heaven’s joy.

He must have been too blessed,
For these, my sinful arms
For now he rocks in Heaven,
His face God’s sweet breath warms.

I’m sure they’ve waited ages
For my prince to reach his throne,
Though I feel like it’s way too soon,
And I’m left quite alone.

I’m certain that my baby,
With his precious azure eyes,
Looks down on me from Heaven,
But I know he never cries.

My loved ones up in Heaven,
Rejoiced that early morn,
When my sweet perfect baby
Was to Heaven’s nursery born.

They wrapped him up in arms of love,
They kissed his dear sweet head.
They smiled and claimed “He’s perfect”.
“None more beautiful”, they said.

My heart is filled with sorrow.
My eyes are brimmed with tears,
As I think of all the joy they’ll share,
While I spend my earthly years.

When I arrive in Heaven
My baby boy I’ll see.
I’ll wrap him in his Mommy’s arms,
No two more perfect, he and me…

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