Friday, December 5, 2014

Our Nursery Theme!

I have been dreaming about setting up a nursery for so many years.  This is one of those things for me that I just refuse to abandon.  I've heard a million times, "Rachel, you don't need a nursery.  Greyson will be perfectly happy in a pack n' play."  And I know this.  I really do.  I fully intend for Greysen to be as close to me as possible for as long as possible.  But the nursery is something I've been dreaming about.  I can't wait to have the perfect little place for my Greysen to play with toys, and nap peacefully, read books, and explore.  I'm not gonna go crazy, y'all, I swear.  But after everything we've been through to get here, I want everything to be as perfect as it can be.  And honestly, our "boy nursery" has been my favorite for a long time.  Here's the skinny

Theme: Vintage Travel

That means basically planes, trains, boats, and cars with a vintage feel.  I've already found some really cute vintage sailboats and vintage maps to decorate with.  I'm gonna be on the lookout for vintage toy cars and planes too, and Pops (Charlie...Jonathan's dad) has some really cool vintage toy trains.  Here are some of my favorite ideas for the theme:

I LOVE this little sign and the quote on it.  Planning to get a little crafty once we get settled into our new place here in Miami.  Of course if any of you have amazing "typography/painting" skills I would employ you! ;)

I picked up some vintage maps that I'm super excited about utilizing.  Decoupaging vintage maps onto a big G for Greysen!

I already have my eye on a vintage wooden airplane propeller that I saw in an antique mall in Oklahoma City. I LOVE this little wall grouping above the changing table.  And I'm SURE I can employ PaPa (my dad) to help me come up with some cool framable vintage airplane pics!

Another idea for using those vintage maps.  I really love this sweet little mobile.  I'm considering cutting squares of the maps and having people write Greysen little notes on them before I fold them into paper airplanes for the mobile...sort of like the concept of writing special notes on a wall before you paint it.  That's an idea still in the works...

LOVE the idea of these vintage National Park posters.  Jonathan is a HUGE National Park buff and I think it would be really cool for Greysen to have a few of these hanging in his room...

This is maybe one of my most favorite ideas.  I've found a few vintage globes already, so I just have to pick one.  Then I'll be taking it with me to the shower and having guests sign it.  Then it will be in our nursery.  I want our Greysen to know just how much he is loved and was loved before he was even here!

Colors: Navy and Teal with some Grey and Red

First of all, the navy thing was decided on a long time ago.  Boy or girl, navy was gonna be the main color.  But Bernice has this AMAZING teal colored vintage trunk that she is graciously letting us put in the nursery!  I LOVE it so much, and therefor just HAD to add the teal.  I would really like to have a few little bits of grey and red in there too.  Here are some pics of those ideas:

In LOVE with this quilt.  Like seriously in love!  Maybe with the edges done in red or maybe one of the triangle patterns with some red...

This is our color palette.  The navy will probably be more of a true navy, but the teal and navy are the main colors.  It's so perfectly boy isn't??

So there ya have it!  I can't wait to start putting things together in there.  I've been collecting little things for a while now that I've found at antique malls and what not.  Have any cool ideas to add??  I'd LOVE to hear them!  We are hoping this theme and this color scheme will be something that will really grow with Greysen and something he will really enjoy!

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